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Freeze Dried Healthy Gut Dog Food Topper - Digestive Support

Freeze Dried Healthy Gut Dog Food Topper - Digestive Support

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Introducing our Digestive Health Support Topper—an irresistibly tasty blend designed to bring joy to your pup's tummy! Crafted with care, this topper features a medley of pumpkin, pork kidney, pork heart, goats milk and apple to create a flavorful feast that not only entices but also supports a happy, healthy digestive system. 100% natural with no fillers or preservatives!

Indulge your furry friend in the natural goodness of fiber-rich apple and pumpkin, promoting optimal digestion. The delectable duo of pork kidney and heart adds a savory punch providing natural taurine and enzyme CoQ10, while apple brings a touch of sweetness and essential vitamins. Handcrafted in small batches, this topper is the perfect way to enhance your dog's meal with a burst of taste and digestive well-being. Elevate mealtime with Digestive Health Support Topper, where flavor meets digestive harmony—one delicious bite at a time!

Ingredients: Pork heart, pork kidney, pumpkin, apple, goat milk

Weight: 1.7 Oz

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