Frequently Asked Questions

How does freeze drying work?

Freeze drying, a process that removes moisture from food without compromising its nutritional value, is the innovative technique behind our premium dog food toppers.

The method begins by freezing the raw ingredients, then subjecting them to a low pressure vacuum environment. In this low-pressure setting, the frozen water content transitions directly from solid to gas, bypassing the liquid state—a process known as sublimation.

This gentle yet effective method preserves the essential nutrients, flavors, and aromas of the ingredients, resulting in a concentrated and shelf-stable product. For our canine companions, this means a flavorful and nutrient-rich addition to their meals that not only enhances taste but also provides essential vitamins and minerals.

Our commitment to quality freeze-dried ingredients ensures that your furry friend receives the best in nutrition and taste with every meal.

What are the benefits of freeze drying?

Preservation of Nutritional Value:

Freeze drying locks in the nutritional integrity of the food by gently removing moisture without subjecting it to high temperatures. This process helps retain essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, ensuring that the final product maintains its nutritional value over an extended period. For dog food toppers, this means a reliable source of essential nutrients to support your pet's overall health.

Extended Shelf Life:

Freeze-drying significantly extends the shelf life of food by eliminating moisture, which is a primary factor contributing to spoilage. The absence of water prevents the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and mold, that can lead to food deterioration. As a result, freeze-dried dog food toppers remain fresh and safe for consumption for an extended duration, providing convenience for pet owners and minimizing food wastage.

Intensified Flavor and Aroma:

The freeze-drying process not only preserves the nutritional content but also concentrates the natural flavors and aromas of the ingredients. For dog food toppers, this means a burst of enticing flavors that can enhance the overall palatability of your pet's meals. The intensified taste and smell make freeze-dried toppers an appealing addition to your dog's diet, enticing even the pickiest eaters and adding an extra layer of enjoyment to mealtime.

Harnessing the Benefits of Raw:

Our freeze-dried dog food toppers offer the benefits of raw dog food in a shelf-stable state, providing the convenience of traditional kibble with the nutritional advantages of raw feeding. This innovative approach ensures that your canine companion receives the wholesome goodness of raw ingredients without compromising on safety or convenience, all in a concentrated source of nutrients.

How to use dog food toppers?

  • Sprinkle it: sprinkle the suggested amount of Mavericks topper over your furry friends existing meal.
  • Just add water: include the recommended portion of Mavericks freeze-dried toppers with your dog's meal, then add warm water.

Get creative with Mavericks' versatile dog food toppers, perfect for licky mats, Kongs, training, and more!

What is the shelf life of Mavericks products?

One of the many benefits of freeze drying is the ability to create a shelf stable product. Mavericks products have a shelf life of between 8 months and 1 year. We recommend that you store your Mavericks products in the original packaging and use within 30 days of opening. Once the products get wet, they must be used immediately.

What is your return policy?

Returns and exchanges are not accepted but please inspect your order upon reception and contact us ( immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.